The end of a chapter.

This week is special. It marks the last week of my bachelors degree studies. The exams are finally over, and they went really well. (At least, that’s what I want my parents to think). To commemorate this milestone, I’m going to write a continuation to the first blog post I wrote.

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Thanks to table tennis, I call him 大爷。

Before I start my first blog post, I’d like to thank my beautiful mother for encouraging me to write down my memorable experiences in China. Thank you!

Table tennis is hard-wired into my genes. I come from a family of talented table tennis players. My grandfathers (God rest their souls in peace) were great players. I will never forgot one day, when I was an early teenager, when ‘Jaddu Ghazi’ challenged me to a game. I had recently won the a national tournament and was oozing with confidence. I remember thinking to myself, “This is going to be funny.” My dad whispered, “Take it easy, Fahad.”

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