‘Post-Race(s) Blues’ ?

Leading up to Ironman Taiwan, especially during the days leading up to race day, I read a lot of blogs and articles about the whole experience. I wanted to get myself mentally prepared for what I was about to do. While doing so, there was a recurring aspect in all reviews, which I found particularly amusing. It’s a phenomenon known as ‘post-race blues’ or (more serious sounding) ‘post ironman depression’. I found this quite humorous, and thought to myself, “One must feel on top of the world after finishing … These guys are crazy. I’m looking forward to having a post-ironman high for a long long time.” (According to these crazy guys, these ‘post race blues’ take 2-3 days to settle in – Hah, no way)

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Ironman Taiwan – Race Report

*Note: It’s very difficult to sum up such an overwhelming experience in a blog post. There were amazing encounters and conversations, incredible highs and lows, and some memorable thoughts throughout that day. I’ll be sharing a few of those thoughts along with the corresponding circumstances. The references to time are made in accordance with my perception of time at the given moment.

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