Motorbike Journal Entry #1

As a long weekend came about, I couldn’t let this chance slip by. I packed my stuff (the bare minimum) and set out to explore as much of Japan as I could during the next 4.5 days. I wrote some journal entries during this trip, which I’ll share just as the way they were written down originally, over the course of the next few blog posts. My goal was to write an entry a day.

Here’s what the basic travel route looked like:

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To run, or not to run.

Picture yourself running. You’re not going anywhere, and (hopefully) not running away from anything. You’re simply running… Running for the sake of running. Finally, imagine yourself loving it – captivated by each passing moment.

For some people, that last bit may not seem plausible.

I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before from passionate runners. The simplistic beauty of this rudimentary locomotion. Nothing exists but you and your surroundings, and there’s something medicinal about that rhythmic contact with the ground beneath, as all your stress melts away, freeing your mind. Whether you’re running solo, with friends, or in a race, there’s always only two elements at play: distance and time. What you do with those two elements is completely in your hands (hands? completely in your feet!). Personally I’m more like a diesel engine, not too concerned about time but love having the ability to run for miles and miles without boundaries. I marvel at the prospect of being able to run a 100km ultra-marathon – a goal for the near future. Endurance running completely fascinates me. Sometimes I lose myself on long runs, fall into a trance, and then snap out of it only to realise miles have just zipped by – an incredible feeling. Like a fish back jumping back into the water. But it wasn’t always so serene…

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The next chapter begins.

Am I nervous, anxious, and fearful? Absolutely.
Is there anywhere else I’d rather be? Not a chance!

Flashing back to last May (one month prior to my graduation), during a seemingly usual afternoon, a thought popped into my head. I decided to ask myself a question. What is the single company, world-wide, which I’d dream of working working with?

Here’s a rough outline of what I’m interested in… First of all, I’m highly attracted to start-ups that are innovative & trying something different (the more seemingly impossible – the better!). Secondly, I love experiences and challenges that provide steep learning curves and massive potential. Last but surely not least, I’m motivated by a strong sense of purpose and ethical values.

Time to sum that up for google… I typed in, “Start-ups that are changing the world.”

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The end of a chapter.

This week is special. It marks the last week of my bachelors degree studies. The exams are finally over, and they went really well. (At least, that’s what I want my parents to think). To commemorate this milestone, I’m going to write a continuation to the first blog post I wrote.

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Should all people be vegetarian?

I’m so blessed to have an inspiring mother, always following her heart and pursuing impactful (although difficult) fields. She has been a vegan for around 8 years. I’ve been gradually making my transition towards a vegan lifestyle. A few years back, I completely cut out dairy products. Throughout the last year, I’ve gradually cut down on red meat & poultry, and have now excluded seafood as well. Another person who’s sparked my interest in this field is nutritional therapist Alia Almoayyed. (
Now that the little bit of background is out of the way, here’s what happened last week.
A good friend sent me a text, “Fahad – there’s a debate competition coming up in our university! … What do you think?” – “Let’s do this!”

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