Questions that will change your life.

Self-reflection is a powerful tool. All it takes is a few minutes every now and then to stop whatever it is you’re doing and really think.

self-re·flec·tion (noun): meditation or serious thought about one’s character, actions, and motives.

There are countless benefits to this technique, and different ways to approach it. Mentioned below are four significant outcomes I’ve experienced shortly after using self-reflection on a regular basis.

  1. Increased Emotional Intelligence: This comes in two parts; self-awareness and self-regulation.
  2. Confidence: The more you reflect on your strengths and how you can build on them, the more successful and confident you will become.
  3. Integrity: Clarifying your core values will lead you to better decisions.
  4. Increased Effectiveness: You’ll know what you want, and how to get there.

I usually self-reflect by answering a set of question with a great deal of though and detail. The questions I use develop and change over the course of time, but I’ll share where I’m at today. This may be difficult at first, but trust me its transformational.

I would recommend copy-pasting the questions below into a note or document. Take your time answering the question, and review/edit them consistently. Hope this helps you unleash hidden potential!

  • What do I feel grateful for in my life and work?
  • How am I currently defining ‘success’?
  • Is there another way of defining ‘success’ that I may find more fulfilling?
  • What am I particularly good at doing?
  • What do I particularly enjoy?
  • What is currently holding me back?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • Have I created an honest and complete list of the fears I’m holding on to?
  • Have I confronted each fear to imagine how I would handle it if it came to pass?
  • Am I appropriately pushing my own limits?
  • Are my dreams and aspirations clearly defined?
  • Have I set short-term and long-term goals to drive myself forward?
  • Are my priorities and values clearly defined?
  • What ‘states of being’ do I want to experience each day?
  • What achievements would make me really excited?
  • How would I spend $1 billion to make the world a better place?
  • How can I take more ‘moonshots’?

Moonshot: Aiming for a 100% increment, as opposed to the usual 10% improvement. (Check out for a more detailed explanation)

  • What can I do that will be remembered in 300 years?
  • Am I working on something that could change the world?

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